What they have to say...

“TSKN is a very active citizens’ body. Whatever be the issue related to community matters, I always get solutions and that too quickly. That is why Kalyani Nagar is a much sought-after place to live in.”

Rajeshwari Lakhani, Active Resident

“I have been seeing Team Swachh Kalyani Nagar since they involved me on their birding trips with schoolchildren and residents. They have been helping residents get to know and love their area, and building greater community bonds.”

Sabu Singh, Bird watcher, Filmmaker, Karate teacher

“We have enjoyed visiting the Garbage Transfer Station, a sustainable farm, and volunteering every Saturday at the RRC and also the community organic garden. We learn and we teach as well.” 

Radil Fonseca & Wilmer Suarez, Venezuelan volunteers in community events

“Kalyani Nagar is an ideal locality, made so by it’s active resident body TSKN, whose plethora of community activities make it such a vibrant place. I love visiting it often.”

Pradeep Raheja, Robinhood Army volunteer, Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary Bachaav Samiti core member

“We are school students who volunteer every Saturday at the RRC. We absolutely look forward to the weekend. We learn so much and we are happy to that we are able to convince people to segregate  dry waste material and bring to the RRC.”

Oditi Rathi & Adhya Nambisan

“Being an active citizen myself, with strong ties with the different civic and residents groups, I understand how much dedication,  commitment and hardwork it takes to keep a locality clean, green, safe and vibrant. I am proud of the excellent selfless work being done by the dedicated team.”

Dharyashil Vandekar, Aviation Expert & Analyst; Active member of several Pune residents groups.

” Such dedicated active citizens, and so many creative ideas and imagination that made the RRC happen. Amazing to see the hard work you guys have put in over the years to build the Unit. Feeling so happy and proud of your dedication and success.”

Marissa Kurup, Active Resident and supporter of community activities

TSKN has been doing great work since its inception …amongst its various initiatives what stands out to me is the community feeling that they have revived in the locality….which somewhere was getting lost in the hustle and bustle of our lifestyles…..I love being a part of groups which connect us with like minded individuals and get the confidence that there are people who are there to guide, support and even walk with us to find solutions.

Smita Khanna, Resident & Finance Professional