In the News

March 2024

Saluting the Spirit of Volunteering

Pune: Residents of Kalyani Nagar demand urgent action against garbage dumping

February 2024

In top gear: Driving home the road safety message

Road safety awareness drive in Kalyani Nagar

Pune: Concerns mount as cement debris litters pavements in Kalyani Nagar

Kalyani Nagar’s Road Safety Awareness workshop: Promoting safer commuting and CSR initiatives

Pune citizens organize road safety awareness drive

January 2024

Pune: Traffic Discipline Improves in Kalyani Nagar Through Collaborative Effort

Citizens meet Pune Traffic Police to discuss traffic concerns from city

December 2023

Kalyaninagar residents take up mission to clear unused cables

Kalyani Nagar Residents plead for Safer Streets for Pedestrians

Kalyani Nagar teams up with PMC and traffic police for road safety

Pune : Residents of Kalyani Nagar Sound Alarm Over Hazardous State of Fiber Cables on Footpaths

Fun Fair in Kalyani Nagar Pune: A Celebration of Community and Culture

September 2023

Cacophony rules Kalyani Nagar

August 2023

Kalyani Nagar residents fume over debris, waste material left after excavation work

Kalyani Nagar Residents unite to urge immediate clean-up of trash, seek PMC’s swift action

July 2023

Pune: Traffic police officials meet Kalyani Nagar residents to dicuss traffic issues, take concrete steps

DCP assures action against violators in Kalyaninagar

June 2023

Kalyani Nagar Restaurateurs in Pune Engage in Discussion with Residents, Commit to Complying with Noise Regulations

Kalyani Nagar Residents and Club Owners reach agreement on noicse pollution issue

May 2023

Pune: TSKN Plans Symposium on Redevelopment Process for Kalyani Nagar Residents  

April 2023

Noisy clubs, pubs rob Kalyaninagar,  KP,   Wadgaonsheri residents 

February 2023

Pune News : Team Swachh Kalyani Nagar, PMC jointly hold initiative to remove nails from trees